HADEES MARKET Releases Third Single Off of Upcoming ‘To the Island, from the Lake,’ “Another Way”

Rosedale, WA based Alternative Rock band HADEES MARKEThas released the third single, “Another Way,” off of their upcoming EP, To the Island, From the Lake, “Another Way” features Williamson on vocals and acoustic guitars, with bass, percussion, and sonic textures provided by Don Farwell.

” ‘Another Way’ was the first song I wrote when I began to live alone in a cabin on Olympia’s Pattison Lake in 2013. It marks the beginning of a five-year period of growth and renewal, during which the importance of friends, family, self-assessment, and self-development took the spotlight. I look back now to the recording of this song as a roadside marker.

“When I moved to the lake, I got a Tascam 8 track digital recorder that reminded me of the 4 track I’d had back in the ‘80’s. Page One of the instruction book said “plug in your guitar to track one, flip the knob this way, and play your guitar part.” Page Two helped me record the solo guitar part. Page Three said “sing your song.” So I did. And ‘Another Way’ is the result. It’s a song that has come to mean very different things to me today than when I wrote it, and I expect to get new things from it in another five years. I hope it reaches something similar in listeners.” – HADEES MARKET

To the Island, from the Lake, was engineered and co-produced by the Don Farwell at Earwig Studio in Seattle. It includes six new songs: “Hesitate,” released to streaming sites in June of 2020, “Gibraltar,” released in July, “Another Way,” released at the end of August, and three more songs which will be released over the next three months. The EP showcases Greg Williamson on guitar and vocals, with drums and percussion by Jen Gilleran, bass by Tony “AMP” Peterson, Don Farwell, and Chris Livesay from The Civilians on bass, and Sharon Chang on piano.

The individual songs and EP as a whole have been recorded by Don Farwell (check out Don’s band, Suitcase), mastered by Levi Seitz at Black Belt Mastering, with design work done by Steve Bergstrom at Octopus Farm (check out Steve’s band The Finger Guns), from photographs taken by Greg Williamson.

Stream “Another Way” here.