From Ashes to New and Ice Nine Kills Sellout Pittsburgh

Only being two dates into the co-headlining tour, these bands of force sold out The Rex Theater! When I had come into the venue, it was packed to the back. Unfortunately, I had missed the set HAWK, had done. Pittsburgh traffic can be killer, especially when there’s barely any parking from the show being sold out. When I had finally came in, I was lucky enough to experience part of Afterlife’s set. Not knowing what to expect from this band, I was thoroughly delighted. 

Up next was Palisades. Only touching on them briefly prior to the show, I only knew about them through my sister. From time to time, she would play me their older albums. Before, I thought, “I could either go or go without this band”. Let me tell you, they put on a fantastic set. High energy and lots of interaction from the crowd. 

Now on to the main two acts. Ice Nine Kills did the first half of this date for the co-tour. Can I just say how freaking amazing they were. I knew nothing of INK before coming into this show. I can most definitely say they’ve won over a new fan from the performance they had put on. Watching Spencer come onto the stage dressed up as half Freddy Kruger and half Jason. Not to mention the other members were dressed up as other horror characters too! I love bands with theatrics and themes behind them. It makes for such a more visually pleasing workup. Ice Nine Kills has a horror theme surrounding their looks and music. It totally shows on stage! This a must see band!

Lastly was From Ashes to New. FATN is a band with a lot of heart and soul. You can tell just by the way how they perform and how Matt raps out his part. During one the first few songs, he had mentioned how hard life has been for him as of late. But that the fans and his music keep him going. This is coming from a writer who’s struggled with depression herself, I felt what Matt was saying. Life can be extremely challenging at times. When you find that reason to keep you going through, it makes it all worth it in the end. If you like bands with heartfelt lyrics, you’ve found an amazing band to listen to.

All and all, I would say definitely check out this tour if you can! The line up is amazing just begging to be seen!