BLOOD OF THE SUN: Blood’s Thicker Than Love LP From Texas Heavy Rock Collective Out NOW And Streaming Via Listenable Records

Blood’s Thicker Than Love, the anticipated new full-length from Texas-based ’70s-inspired hard rockers BLOOD OF THE SUN featuring drummer Henry Vasquez of Saint Vitus, is out TODAY in the US via Listenable Records! 
Drawing influences from the likes of Deep Purple, Mountain, Humble Pie, and Led Zeppelin, BLOOD OF THE SUN has been delivering ultra-catchy hard rock over the course of four albums, churning out upbeat ’70s radio hits with ease and conviction. 

In a 10/10 review, Maximum Volume Music lauds, “a six-song study in just about everything that’s ever been cool, ever.” In a 4/5 rating, Sea Of Tranquility champions a, “wild pot of Texas stew fueled by ’70s heavy rock and blues elements,” that’s simply, “highly enjoyable.” Adds Glide Magazine in an 8/10score, “This band’s sound is one that could just as easily fill a stadium as a cramped club full of guys with long hair and beards. The sound is akin to great ’70s rock bands like Deep Purple and Humble Pie. With the shortest song being 5:48, the structure of the album is also reminiscent of ’70s rock. This album is only six songs, but it never stops rocking and it begs to be played at irresponsible volumes.”  

Stream BLOOD OF THE SUN’s Blood’s Thicker Than Love at THIS LOCATION.
Blood’s Thicker Than Love is available on CD, LP, and digital formats. For US orders go to THIS LOCATION. For EU orders go to THIS LOCATION.