Judas Priest and Sabaton Conquer the Covelli Center

Two great bands come together to give a stellar performance after COVID hit back in 2020. Anyone who is a concert goer surely wouldn’t have missed the power houses this tour offers. .

The opener, Sabaton, is a power metal band hailing from Sweden. Most people would dread acts before the headliner. Sabaton is not one of those bands. Fans and new listeners can always be delighted by their performances. All of their songs are filled vigor and so much history, literally! If you’re a history buff and love heavy metal, they are the band for you! While entertaining the crowd, the guys are always smiling. Their energy is so contagious and carries throughout the night.

Judas Priest is a staple in heavy metal history. Being formed in 1969, they have been around for 50 years. Although these rock gods are like fine wine with age, their performance is still filled energy and is unforgettable. Rob Halford proves that music has no age limit. He showcased the fact that his vocal skills are timelessly unmatched. The one thing I noticed about the audience during Priest’s set, there was a wide age range of attendants. If you looked to your left, they were people who moms and dads. If you looked to the row in front of you, they were college kids FaceTiming with their friend who couldn’t attend the show. Lastly, the right had people who were in their golden years singing their hearts out.

There was no doubt this tour is one to remember. After the last two years, seeing everyone together once again was refreshing. Music is the heart that connects people. Regardless of one’s aspects in life, there is one sentence we can all agree on, long live heavy metal!

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