THETAN: Decibel Magazine Premieres “Null And Void” By Nashville Powerviolence Duo; Abysmal LP Nears Release Through Anti-Corporate Music

Decibel Magazine is now streaming “Null And Void,” the new single by Nashville, Tennessee-based hardcore/powerviolence duo THETAN. The band ends a four-year release hiatus with their second full-length, Abysmal, which will be issued February 1st via Anti-Corporate Music.
The members of THETAN offer of the “Null And Void” track, “This song was recorded on two separate occasions. The first version has a long intro and the words are a little different. Nobody may ever hear that version. You’re welcome. The context of the song has everything to do with how we interact in the 21st century. We have grown to be incredibly withdrawn, cynical people. I am guilty of this as well. As communication evolves into a more open forum, instant validation from strangers takes presence over inter-personal relationships. We hold so much of ourselves back in fear of not being accepted by a mass of people who we may never meet face to face. In return, we are drip fed bits and pieces of insight into celebrity lives so that we have something to aspire to be, while losing focus of the people we actually are. Bullshit goes in, and Bullshit comes out.”
With their debut of “Null And Void,” Decibel offers, “THETAN lose their minds for about twenty-three seconds before settling into a feedback-written breakdown driven by pounding drums and shrieked vocals – it works extremely well in the context of the album, but it’s also a killer piece of work on its own.”
Let THETAN’s “Null And Void” off the chain at Decibel Magazine RIGHT HERE.
THETAN‘s Abysmal will see release on digital and animated-etched LP on February 1st via Anti-Corporate Music. Find preorders at the label webshop HERE and at Bandcamp where the song “Singularity” can also be streamed HERE. The vinyl version of the record features animated vinyl etchings done at Black Matter Mastering, fully complimenting the sonic chaos.
Watch for additional audio samples from Abysmal, THETAN tour dates, and more to be issued in the coming days.
THETAN spawned from the remnants of Nashville hardcore band Sanctions in 2011. Opting to forgo finding a new guitar player, and move forward as a two-piece, they recorded their first EP, Welcome To Whine Country, a mere three months after their first band practice. Since then, the outfit has released an LP titled Laughed At By The Gods, five split releases including splits with Bleed The Pigs, Bible Thumper, and others, as well as several singles, compilation tracks, and more.
Carrying on their legacy of creating point-blank, depressive, powerviolent hardcore, THETAN delivers Abysmal, deploying eighteen pulverizing songs of abusive hardcore in just as many minutes. Abysmalis an intense offering which sees the band simultaneously exploring new territory with more nuanced stylings, though never straying from the pulverizing delivery that they have adopted for the past years. fans of Nails, Weekend Nachos, Dead In The Dirt, Hatred Surge, Die Choking, and the like should investigate the blasting ways of Abysmal.

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