MYOPIC: No Clean Singing Premieres “Pillars Of Time” By Progressive Post-Doom Trio; Debut LP Nears Release Through Grimoire Records

Washington, DC-based progressive post-metal band MYOPIC presents a new single, “Pillars Of Time,” through a premiere at No Clean Singing. The track comes from the band’s eponymous debut LP, nearing November release through Grimoire Records. Featuring eight tracks and more than fifty-five minutes of expansive material, the long-awaited album fulfills the progression MYOPIC has made as a band, ranging widely from death metal, to black metal, to post-metal, and doom, at one moment reminiscent of Krallice, and the next of Yob.
With the thundering new single, the band states, “Pillars Of Time’ is the inspiration for the album cover. The album tells the experience of a man wandering in a deserted earth and near the end he finds the massive remains of an ancient civilization still standing, a monument of the past. The song also features some big dynamic shifts that reflect the story behind it.”
No Clean Singing offers in part of the album, “It’s fitting that a journey lies at the heart of the album’s narrative, because Myopic have themselves been on a musical journey that has seen their sound transform over time, moving from death metal to black metal to a place, now represented by this debut album, where the music is more difficult to pin down in genre terms…”. The write-up sums up the “Pillars Of Time” track, “Like the words and the artwork, the track is desolate and hopeless, wrenching and vast, a reflection of ruin and the catastrophic costs of hubris, the kind of music that can haunt the mind long after it has ended.”
Stream MYOPIC’s “Pillars Of Time” at No Clean Singing HERE.



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